With home appreciation up 25-35% in the last 5 years, higher loan amounts are in a greater demand. Traditionally, these larger loans required hefty down payments, and came with steeper interest rates. Security Home Mortgage is here to help

Introducing Security’s 5% Down Jumbo Loan.

  • Valid on sales price up to $738,000.
  • Avoid higher interest rates associated with Jumbo loans
  • Avoid increased underwriting scrutiny associated with Jumbo loans. i.e FICO, DTI, and LTV
  • Avoid paying costly mortgage insurance
  • Keep your hard-earned money liquid, while still obtaining the home of your dreams
  • Lower down payments can provide higher ROI in appreciating markets

Just because you can put more money down on your home purchase doesn’t mean you should. Down payments protect the bank, not the home buyer. While it is true that a larger down payment does reduce the amount borrowed, and reduce the monthly payments, often times a lower down payment can yield financial benefits to the borrower.