EquityProtectTM will reimburse homebuyers if they need to sell their home at
a loss—empowering them to buy with confidence and not worry about the fluctuations of the housing market. This innovative mortgage product protects a homebuyer’s down payment with an insurance product, so if housing prices are down when a Security Home Mortgage customer needs to move, their down payment may be covered and, if all program requirements are met, any potential loss would be reimbursed.

Introducing: Peace of Mind Provided by Security Home Mortgage

  • Concerns about housing price bubbles pull many homebuyers out of the market
  • Mitigating that risk opens that segment of the market
  • This product protects a buyers’ hard earned money, against unforeseen market turns.
  • Works on refinance as well – allows you to take advantage of historic home values and pull money out, while still protecting your hard earned equity.
  • Costs are included in applicable mortgages – (no additional out of pocket costs)

This new way to protect our customers’ hard-earned money, against unforeseen market turns is another example of how Security Home Mortgage is providing the way home for our customers. It works on refinance as well
– allowing our customers to take advantage of historic home values and pull money out, while still protecting their equity. Ask a Security Home Mortgage Loan Officer if EquityProtect is right for your situation.